00: Intro
The Character was animated in Toon Boom frame by frame. The Glass shattering was created with Bullet in Maya and Render in V-ray, the others elements animated in After Effects.


01: Spartan

Cell Animation intro that I created for the L.A studio Augustus Films.

02: Frank Jump
Personal work rigged using Character Tool and animated using After Effects.

03: Happy Note

Personal work were I mix 3d(cinema 4d), motion(after effects) and Frame by frame (animate and psd).

04 and 08: Be Flash Flood Ready

A scene from the a corporate film for WMO, the water was animated using frame by frame on Photoshop, the environment and character was animated in After Effects.

05: He is to shy...

Another personal work rigged using Character Tool and animated using After Effects.

06: Floresta Crescendo

A Cell animation scene designed and animated in Adobe Animate.

07: Trying to fit.

Quick animation for the HeeHaw studio Colab. It was done with shapes on After Effects.

09: The Evolution of a Brazillian Soccer Player

Personal work that I loved to develop the stylesframes, I rigged using Chracter Tool and animated After Effects.


10: Head'nd Shoulder + MC Soffia Musical Video that I head the pleasure to animated, the art was develop by the amazing Graffiti artist Criolla.

11: SindTeleBrasil
TV Commercial were I illustrated using Adobe Illustrator and animated, together with Guilherme Diniz using After Effects.

12 and 15: Heineken

Videos that I animated and It was used in the Rock and Rio 2019.

13: Water Witness

A scene from a corporate film it was done Frame by Frame on Photoshop.

14: Snapdragon
A explanatory video for the application Snapdragon it was done in After Effects.

15: Aluminum Global
Another explanatory video animated on After Effects.


Augusto Galvão Ferreira
2021 Demo Reel Breakdown




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