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It was a pleasure to be invite by 45 Studios to develop a video for Jumo Health.
We have the challenge to create a project that illustrate a sad and sick world that was changed by Clinical Trials. The propose was to make a contrast between the two worlds one was heavily blue with fewer tones, the other colorful and happy.

ILLUSTRATOR /Character Animator / cel animator

Director: Augusto Galvão
Client: 45 Studios/Jumo Health
Written by: 45 Studios





Producer : 45 Studio

Creative Direction : 45 Studio

Animation Direction : Augusto Galvão

Illustration : Marlon Muller, Augusto Galvão, Tiago Amora

Motion Design : Diego Loz, Marlon Muller

3d Animation : Diego Loz

Character Animation : Augusto Galvão, Diego Loz

Cel Animation : Augusto Galvão

Sound Design : Dbcaudio

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